Meeting of export partners in Holešov

On the weekend of June 15-17, a large meeting of export partners took place in ELKO EP’s  home town of Holešov. The three-day event, which took place in Holešov Chateau, was attended by more than 120 business partners from more than twenty countries, together with representatives of its subsidiaries. 

Upon arrival on Thursday, guests visited the Flower Garden and the Archbishop's Palace in Kroměříž and in the afternoon there was an excursion to the Zubr brewery in Přerov which included a tasting session.

On Friday, there was a series of lectures and debates on corporate products and solutions which took place at the Holešov Chateau. Of course there was also a tour of the company including its background and beginnings. The Smart City and Future Office concepts were introduced, the first products from the new iNELS Air offering were presented, and new innovations’ were introduced for Hospitality solutions by business development manager Boris Kamenický, owner Jiří Konečný and Jakub Zahrádka. Key to the meeting was the introduction of the breakthrough in ELKO integration with apparently the most widely used building management system in the world - Niagara 4, which opens extensive possibilities in managing hotels and other commercial buildings.

Friday evening and Saturday the partners took in the spirit of the Holešov regatta, where ELKO EP was once again one of the main festival partners. In addition to the rich accompanying program and other showbusiness stars, the Elko Band also took part on stage.




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