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Wireless installation
in an existing


Smart home is for everyone – even
or those with the already built home.
iNELS RF is wireless installation
which can be expanded anytime you wish!


  • Bez bourání - FLAT photo Bez bourání - FLAT photo

    No demolition

    The installation requires no structural alterations.

  • Design - FLAT photo Design - FLAT photo


    Controllers are designed based on current design trends.

  • Flexibilní - FLAT photo Flexibilní - FLAT photo


    The ability to move the wireless switch anywhere is a real advantage. Are you moving? Your installation goes with you.

  • Týdenní plán - FLAT photo Týdenní plán - FLAT photo


    Up to five adjustable time programs can be defined in a single day.

  • Scény - FLAT photo Scény - FLAT photo


    With a single button/touch, it is possible to activate multiple commands at once according to the given situation or desire.

  • Rozšířitelný - FLAT photo Rozšířitelný - FLAT photo


    The system can easily be expanded to include new units and functions.

What can I control?

  • Světlo - FLAT icon
  • Žaluzie - FLAT icon
  • Spínání - FLAT icon
Světlo - FLAT icon
  • Topení - FLAT icon
  • All off - FLAT icon
  • Kamera - FLAT icon


Not only dimming to the required level, but also setting light scenes for every occasion. Time delay for switching on light - automatic staircase switch. Dimming various light sources including LED lamps and RGB strips. 


Unfortunately I found out about the possibilities of controlling an electrical installation by iPhone three years after completing reconstruction of our apartment, and I must admit that it made me pretty sad. But then I heard about the wireless version of iNELS. Today I do not regret replacing a relatively new electrical installation, because I easily recovered my investment after two years.

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